About Us

Kanbawza Group of Companies Limited was incorporated in May 2014 in anticipation that the status of holding companies would be comprehensively detailed in the future with the passage of Companies Act. With the Companies Act being delayed until August 2018, the holding company structure was never pursued, even after the Act’s passing. Kanbawza Group of Companies Limited never has had, nor does it currently have, any ownership in any other entity.

In a fully decentralized manner, individual members of the family invest in various standalone businesses across different sectors as independent shareholders. The first independent ventures were invested in 1988 by U Aung Ko Win, who began in textile trading and mining, and expanded into the finance, agriculture, aviation, manufacturing, and tourism sectors.

Our Focus

As digital transformation continues to restructure businesses across the world, KBZ Group of Companies (“KBZ”) is transforming its portfolio by exiting legacy industries such as mining and aviation, and investing in the financial and digital services critical to Myanmar’s future.

KBZ has been actively exiting non-core businesses since 2017. Over the past five years, KBZ has fully exited from Jing Hpaw Aung Jade & Jewellery Company Limited, Nilar Yoma Gems Company Limited, Myanmar Airways International and Brighter Energy. Exit from the remaining interest in aviation (AIR KBZ) has commenced with the first share sale in 2019.

This has allowed KBZ to sharpen its focus on the digital economy. This includes financial services, ecommerce, digital payments, digital infrastructure, and mobile payment led broadscale financial inclusion. For more information, please refer to investors have exited these companies and our statement.


All of our stakeholders, including our partners, customers, concerned citizens, and the local and international community, are important to us. We will continue to provide more comprehensive and factual information in the future to bring greater transparency and accountability. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact corporateaffairs@kbzgroup.com.mm.