Status of Earlier Investments

Investment Status and exit date
AirKBZ Exit fully completed in Dec 2023 [DICA Page]. New owner announced re-brand to Mingalar Aviation Services ("Mingalar") on 6th January, 2024.
Myanmar Airways International Exit process began in 2018, full exit completed in August 2020 with the last tranche of shares transferred on 18th March 2021. [DICA Page]
Nilar Yoma Gems Company Limited* Operations ceased permanently in 2016, commenced liquidation in August 2019 for full exit and completed full exit in January 2022. [DICA Page]
Jing Hpaw Aung Jade & Jewellry Company Limited Exit fully completed in March 2021. [DICA Page].
Strand Square
[former Kanbawza Office Complex]
Exit fully completed in May 2021. [DICA Page]
Brighter Energy Exit fully completed in February 2022. [DICA Page]
Sun Apex Holdings** Exited fully in July 2014.

*Nilar Yoma Trading Company Limited is a completely different entity from Nilar Yoma Gems Company Limited. The trading company is in the business of petroleum station franchise in Myanmar and the family members are a minority shareholder.

**None of the family members have had any shareholding position in Sun Apex Holdings since exiting in July of 2014, which was before the start of the operations and the signing of the JV Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in August 2014 by Sun Apex Holdings and Bashneft.