Corporate Structure

Elle vise aussi à soigner, rééduquer, réinsérer. L'Assurance Maladie mène ainsi une véritable politique de gestion du risque. Nos valeursLa solidarité et cialis cialis pas cher l'égalité d'accès aux soins sont les valeurs fondatrices de l'Assurance Maladie.

Agriculture Myanmar Billion Group Co., Ltd. Shwe Kanbawza Co., Ltd. Kanbawza Agro Industries Ltd. Central Development Co., Ltd.
Aviation Services Air Kanbawza Ltd. Myanmar Airways International Co., Ltd. Global Aviation Services Co., Ltd.
Financial Services Kanbawza Bank Ltd. KBZSC Co. Ltd.
Gems & Jades Shan Yoma Gems Co., Ltd. Nilar Yoma Gems Co., Ltd. Jing Hpaw Aung Jade & Jewellery Co., Ltd.
Hotel & Tourism KBZ FC Hotel / Yamonar Oo Resort Hotel / Mai Hsoong Hotel (Naypyitaw) / Mai Hsoong Travel Ltd. / Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw
Infrastructure Kanbawza Pathfinder Industries Ltd. Shan Yoma Construction Co., Ltd.
Insurance IKBZ Insurance Co., Ltd. * see note below.
IT KBZ Gateway Co., Ltd.
Logistics Trust Channel Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing Inlay Shoes Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Mining Kanbawza Power Mining Co., Ltd.
Non-Profit Organization Brighter Future Foundation
Sport Kanbawza Football Club
Trading Nilar Yoma Trading Co., Ltd.

All KBZ companies incorporated in Myanmar with operations exclusively in Myanmar are 100% owned by KBZ Group. * KBZ Group has a subsidiary company IKBZ Insurance Co Ltd (63% controlling interest) and investments in 5 other companies without any active participation in the business. All these companies are incorporated in Myanmar. Details of KBZ Group's investments are outlined below:

Eastern Yoma Estate Investment Co., Ltd
(Shwe Gondine Specialist Center - SSC)
25 %
International Dynamic Data Center Co., Ltd 70 %
Maou Oak Shaung International Co., Ltd 43 %
Kanbawza Pathfinder Industries Ltd./color] 40 %
Trade King Group Co., Ltd 25 %

The beneficial owners of the KBZ Group are:

  • Aung Ko Win, Chairman, KBZ Group of Companies

  • Nan Than Htwe, Deputy Chairman, KBZ Group of Companies

  • Nang Lang Kham, Director, KBZ Bank

  • Nang Kham Noung (Marlene), Director, KBZ Bank

  • Nang Mo Hom, medical student

Each of the above holds an equal stake (20%) in the KBZ Group of Companies.
KBZ Group of Companies was the highest taxpayer in Myanmar in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Details of our tax returns are available at

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